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Electronic Pre-Paid Credit Card For your Apple Pay and Google Pay Loadable With Bitcoin.

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How It Works

The CoinIO/TK card resides inside your Apple Pay or Google Pay App (depending on your system - iOS or Android). You load your card here on the Web site with Bitcoins and then use your phone to pay at any Point-Of-Sale equipped with TouchPay as you were using any other credit, debit or gift card.

How Do I Start?


Register your mobile phone number. Your mobile phone should run either iOS (to use with Apple Pay on your iPhone and iWatch) or Android (to use with Google Pay).
Unfortunately, Windows Phones are not supported.

Load your Card

Send the amount of Bitcoin you want to put on the card to the provided BTC address. Address provided is unique to your mobile phone number.
To load more funds to your card please sign in with your registered mobile phone number and we'll provide you with a new unique BTC address to transfer the funds to.


We require 3 confirmations from Bitcoin Blockchain network (this may take from one hour to several hours depending on the current state of Bitcoin Network). After 3 successfull confirmations we will send you a text message with simple installation instructions (integration of the card into your Wallet requires manual confirmation from you).


Select the card in your Wallet on Point-Of-Sale terminal and touch it with your phone or iWatch when you make a purchase. You don't need to wait for any confirmations from Bitcoin blockchain, the purchase is made with conventional funds as with any other regular card.

Fees and Charges

All Fees and Charges are in BTC. We never charge you in Dollars or any other currency.

Our Current BTC/USD Rate:


  • Card registration: 0.00369809 (depends on USD/BTC rate)
  • Minimum one-time load: 0.00862887 (depends on USD/BTC rate)
  • Purchase transaction fee: 0.0075% (flat)
  • Monthly/Yearly fee: FREE
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